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Hi! I'm Big Bird Bubba | Moluccan Cockatoo

Hi! My name is Big Bird Bubba and I am a handsome big pink male Moluccan Cockatoo living in Seattle with my human partner. I'm good looking and I know it - and it garners me a lot of attention which is so very important in the Cockatoo world.

My Story

I was born was in Washington State about 27 years ago. It was a long time ago and I remember going to new homes often. For the first couple of years it was OK but then I was bored sitting in a cage while my family went outside in the day. So I expressed some displeasure at a loud volume -in fact I learned I can make a BIG NOISE. Friends told me they could hear me blocks away which made me very proud. When my family let me out of my cage I wanted to play but they were only angry all the time. I liked chasing feet and watching my family members jump away. But soon I was bored again. And after awhile I would meet a new family. I didn't like everything new all the time. I had almost ten families in ten years. And they thought I was difficult to keep, Ha! I am not a pet is the issue and I don't understand why so many humans cannot see this. Finally after many years of difficulty I met Mr'aco and we've been in love and partnered since. Oh sure we have our ups and downs like any couple but we're happily partnered for almost 18 years. Please enjoy my site.

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